There are more than just three great things that happen to you when you begin a workout program.

The three I focus on here are probably just the best, and therefore, most evident to me.


Strength is helpful in so many different ways. We need to lift things as a part of our day-to-day lives. Sore backs can easily come from not having a solid, muscular core.

Kids don't get lighter. The loads we must bear don't go away with high school, so staying strong beyond our 20's and 30's can really make life a lot easier.


Bend over and tie your shoes. Bend over and pick up your child, or your grandchild. Stretch tall to the sky. Look behind you without moving your feet.

You should be able to easily touch every part of your body, and to see just about every part of it as well.

Tightness can be a result of lack of use, and can manifest in all kinds of different aches and pains, not to mention conditions that are much worse than that.


There are numerous types of balance that a fitness programs can bring.

There is, of course, physical balance. Introducing different physical movements challenges your sense of balance. Working on flexibility makes it easier to reach out and stretch further, or to bend and twist into different positions.

It is easy to lose your sense of balance. If it is never challenged, it can and will go away. Bad balance results in things as bad as falls, or a simple lack of physical confidence because we know when we don't have the balance to accomplish certain activities.

I give a lot of recommendations but I don't give a lot of guarantees. But this is as close as I can come to a guarantee--if you find a movement routine with proven results that works for you that you can tolerate and it focuses on strength, flexibility and balance, you will see results, and it will feel good. I'll go so far as to venture that it will feel great!

And it is flexibility first strength second from those come balance

Kids don't get lighter. Our bodies don't become more spry. But developing and maintaining these things is a great way to continue to feel young. like tapping into the fountain of youth. And it is accessible to almost everyone.