It seems like a simple crime, and mostly everyone does it, but speeding is also one of those things you really don't want to get caught doing. Not only does it defeat the purpose of speeding if you have to stop and wait for an officer to do his thing, but you lose points on your licence, can see an increase in insurance rates, and have to pay a hefty fine! 

But, are there places that are better to speed than others? If you base that question simply on how much your fine will be, then yes! That is if you are in Colorado anyways.

According to the consumer analysis website NerdWallet, which recently made a list of the top 10 cities in Colorado where it is most expensive to get a speeding ticket, there are three towns in Northern Colorado among the most pricey.

The site found that not only do you have to pay the fine associated with the ticket, but insurance rates go up and such too, so they took that all in to consideration when figuring the "true cost of a speeding ticket."

Number 3 on the list was Evans with a true cost of a speeding ticket being $739.95. Loveland came in at number 7 with a ticket cost of $671.49, and Greeley was number 9 on the list with a ticket costing you about $658.47.

Although Northern Colorado claimed 3 spots on the list, you can be thankful that we don't live in Fort Morgan where it costs on average $767.70, the most in the state.

You can see the whole list here.