Where you bring your date can either make or break Valentine's Day. If you're in the early or beginning stages of a relationship (perhaps it's your first date!), the location is especially important.

These are 5 places in Northern Colorado you do not want to bring your date for Valentine's Day.

Rec Room in Fort Collins

Unless you're desperate or looking for a random individual to have a one night stand with, do not take your date here for Valentine's Day! There's a good chance you and your date will be waiting in line for hours to get in, and it's just not really a romantic setting. Dancing, spiked drinks, and hot messes are what you'll find at this staple in Old Town Fort Collins nightlife.

Bondi Beach Bar in Fort Collins

Just like the Rec Room, Bondi is the perfect place for you if you're desperate or looking for a one night stand - not a place you'd want to bring your date for Valentine's Day. This place is much more acceptable for watching a football game and maybe dancing after a few drinks (with or without a DJ). It's a slightly nicer version than the Drunken Monkey, but a lot cheesier than Rec Room due to the weird Australian surf theme (wait, is it Australian?!).

Drunken Monkey in Fort Collins

This is the last place you'd want to end up on Valentine's Day - and by end up I mean the only way you should be here is if you've had way too many drinks and can't even remember stepping foot into this place. Negative brownie points for your date if they order the fish bowl.

Big Beaver Brewing Co in Loveland

We're not saying this is necessarily a bad or trashy place to go to, but the logo looks like a freakin' vagina. Like, what the Hell? Just Google it. Not the best impression for a date on Valentine's Day, unless you both find drink names like "Screw the Pooch Pale Ale" or "Landing Strip Lager" to be so hilarious that you make the mutual decision to go there. If that's the case, by all means, please go.


If you're having trouble figuring out what to buy your date for Valentine's Day, here's an easy Walmart Valentine's Day gift guide (below)!