What do you want your Valentine's selfie to say?

We're a couple and we do cool things to celebrate the fact that we love each other, right?

Right. So, being that that is what you are looking for, here is a list of some of the best places that you can snap your V-Day selfie.

1. Loveland

It's the land of bleepin' love! Of course a Valentine's Day selfie will look great from Loveland. The best spots would be anywhere with the Loveland sign; anywhere that has those cool, painted heart sculptures; or, try Benson Sculpture Park for a whole myriad of art that you can pose with.

2. The Oval

It screams, "We fell in love at Colorado State! Go Rams!"

3. Hughes Stadium

For your kids, you can look back and say, "That stadium no longer exists, but we watched the Rams become Mountain West Conference champions there."

4. The 'A' Trail Overlook

Great views of the city show that you live where the mountains meet the plains.


5. The Bridge Over the Poudre on Linden (or Lincoln)

Or on Timberline south of Mublerry. The river in the background, and this time of year, snow on the trees. I can just see it now.

6. At Altitude (anywhere with great mountain scenery, really)

We live near some of the most breathtaking mountains on the planet. Use them!

7. Old Town Right Around Sunset with the Lights

Also, we have one of the cutest, quaintest, most picturesque downtowns anywhere. Use it!


8. Any Brewery

Further, we have more breweries that make great beer than most places. The beer in the foreground, you two in the background. The 'Likes' will pile up!

Marc Piscotty, Getty Images

9. With Marijuana

Smoking marijuana is not unique. But, living somewhere where you can legally smoke it is. So, if you're into the puffy-puff, and your crowd is too, maybe a shot of you two taking back some OG Kush is the way to go. Perhaps a dispensary, but be careful, because they may not like you shooting photos in there.

Did I miss any? Let me know, and feel free to share your selfies here!