This holiday season, I have been trying to find unique ways to help those in need for Christmas. I've always been a fan of "paying it forward", and last weekend my wife turned me onto a Facebook page where it makes it easier for you to make a world of difference.

The Facebook page, titled "Pay It Forward Larimer County Area", is where many residents of Larimer County are coming together to offer their help with different things you may need in your daily life. It is also where residents are stepping forward in their time of need looking for any help someone can give.

Here's an example of something you would see on the Facebook page for someone who is giving up something for free to help someone else...

Credit: Pay It Forward Larimer County Facebook

Amanda Speer, who setup the "Pay It Forward" Facebook page, stated in an opening post on the page that she "created this page for people to get and receive help paying it forward to one another. There is no selling whatsoever in this group. This group is meant to help each other when people are in time of need please don't take advantage of everybody's kindness".

The group is closed to the general public, but you just have to request to join the group to be able to see all the postings. When I requested to join, literally 4 minutes is later is when I got the approval. It makes it very easy to be able to help those in need, and know that you made a different this holiday season.

There is no word on if the page will continue after the holidays are done, but my hope is that it will continue and we can continue to help our neighbors well into 2016.