Forget Elf on a Shelf, how about your Grill on a Gift, with customized wrapping paper? A website called Gift Wrap My Face, is giving that narcissist in your life an opportunity to plaster their face all over their wrapping paper. Admit it, we all know that one person, who just has to let everyone know, what gift is theirs during the office "Secret Santa." Well, with this paper, there's no need for subtle hints.

Interested? Just go to Gift Wrap My Face, and upload a photo of yourself, or your family, and follow the steps to make your custom wrapping paper. It sells for $7.99 for a half roll, and $14.99 for a full roll. You can even get a preview of what your paper will look like before you order. Check out what family and friends of the Goldberg's will be getting this holiday season... do you think Taylor Swift is going to mind joining my family on our wrapping paper?

Goldberg, TSM