After years of speculation, it looks like Apple if finally ready to expand on their Apple TV to compete with cable and satellite companies. According to Cult of Mac, Apple is set to launch their own TV subscription service in June with an estimated 25 channels. The new service will be available on Apple TV, that recently received a price cut from $99 to $69. At this time, it's not clear what channels will be included in the initial 25, however according to the Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, and Fox are already lined up. Due to a falling out with Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal, NBC is not set to be included.

The new Apple TV service is estimated to cost $30-$40 a month. Some are thinking that this price-point is a little hight. However compared to competition like Sling TV who offer 14 channels for $20, with an added $5 for extra kid channels, it seams to be reasonable. With this price-point, the drop of the initial price of the set-top box, and the recently announced of HBO Now service, allowing Apple TV customers to subscribe to HBO service without a cable provider. Apple is jockeying for a position to compete with cable and satellite providers. They may not be worried... however I remember cell phone companies not being worried either when they released the first iPhone.