I was checking out the most viewed videos of 2011 on Youtube, and the most by far was this young chick named Rebecca Black singing a lame song called "Friday." I got to scrolling through some other videos and saw Rebecca Black in a sexy swimsuit, come to find out there is another Rebecca Black that is way hotter and now a Rock 102.9 Babe of the Day!

If she wasn't trying to succeed at modeling I'd say sharing a name with that ear-sore could be slightly annoying. But since she is probably desperate for the public eye to be staring at her, this coincidence can only help. And according to TMZ it has been beneficial because her Facebook page went from 800 fans to 73,000 in the matter of days.

Black is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer from Ohio, and a regular a bikini contests around the country.

If you weren't one of the 73,000 people who had the best accident ever happen to them by friending her on Facebook, there is still time! Take a look at what you are missing!