Apparently getting swindled out of more than $200,000 didn't come up in any of Victoria Lacoste's tarot readings – yet that's exactly what happened to her over the course of a year's worth of visits to a Boulder psychic.

Victoria, who is a student at the University of Colorado and who's family founded the well-known clothing brand Lacoste, frequented the Psychic Chakra Spa in Boulder where she met regularly with Becky Ann Lee as a spiritual adviser. During their meetings, Lee convinced Lacoste to deposit large amounts of cash directly into her account so that they could purchase gold coins for the readings. Lee instead pawned the gold coins and kept the money for herself. In addition, Lee also manipulated Lacoste into buying her gift cards, which police said that Lee would use to buy items, and would then return the items to keep the cash. According to reports, Lee pressured Lacoste to lie to her parents in order to get more money, by saying that the evil spirits would gain more power over her if they did not continue their work together.

After police contacted Lee in August, she told Lacoste not to say anything else so that she would not get into trouble. In September, she convinced Lacoste to sign a contract for "life coaching" that said they would "mutually decide" on how to dispose of the coins.

Police are now wondering if more people will come forward, saying that they had a similar experience. The website for the spa has since been taken down, and the phone number has also been disconnected. Lee has been charged with class 3 felony theft and is currently free on bond. She is due back in court in February, and clearly needs to brush up on her fortune telling skills if she wasn't able to see this one coming.