Get your Dungeons and Dragons group out of the basement, settle Catan or spell dirty words in a round of Scrabble this Sunday (Jan. 10) at the Downtown Artery's Game Night. 

Getty Images/Zoonar RF/ThinkStock

I love game nights. I'm not much of a board game person, because I never win and too many rules just confuse me - do not ask me to play Monopoly with you. On the other hand, I love games that play off of your brains and creativity, like Scattagories, Taboo or Scrabble (which I have perfected the art of cheating at so I never lose).

Now, you can enjoy your favorite games in the company of others and a good beer (or coffee, or chai, or toast) at the Downtown Artery's Game Night in Old Town Fort Collins.

If someone brings Cards Against Humanity, I'm in.

Because I'm disgusting and I always win.