It’s possible that Bruce Springsteen, known as rock’s Iron Man for his long concerts, is finally starting to show signs of age. In the encore of last night’s (March 28) show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, the 62-year old Springsteen felt a need to stop, sit down and have a drink before continuing.

During his cover of Eddie Floyd’s 1967 soul classic, ‘Raise Your Hand,’ the second-to-last song in the the two-hour, fifty-minute show, Springsteen left the stage and headed into the sold-out crowd while continuing to sing. Finding a nice, comfy chair, he stopped the song, declaring, “I need a seat” and sat down. A fan handed him a half-filled beer, which he proceeded to chug — spilling only a few drops — before kicking the song back into gear and going back to the stage.

Philadelphia has long been the home of some memorable concerts by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, from the Main Point show in 1975 where ‘Thunder Road,’ then called ‘Wings For Wheels’ debuted, to his 50th birthday show in 1999 and many more. The city’s proximity to the Jersey Shore where he got his start means that many in the crowd have followed his career for over 40 years, and he rewards them in kind.

Or maybe he just wants to bring some joy into the hearts of the perpetually angry Philadelphia Eagles fans, who booed the line in ‘Wrecking Ball‘ that referenced the Eagles’ biggest rival, the four-time Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

Watch Bruce Springsteen Chug a Beer in Philadelphia