Bud Light. Just about everybody drinks it. It’s the most popular beer in America.  The last thing you want to do when you’re on top, is stay complacent.

That’s why the cans in your fridge now, will look completely different to the ones that will be in there next spring.

Anhueser Busch Press Release

When you’re watching Super Bowl 50, you’ll start to see the big push for Bud Light’s new can design. Prepare yourself for a lot of blue. They’ll be getting rid of any reds, or whites… All blue, baby!

From AskMen.com

“In 2016, we’ll put a more modern twist on Bud Light, from the way the brand looks to the way it acts,” said Bud Light vice president of marketing, Alexander Lambrecht. “We’re proud to introduce our fresh new look, which pays homage to our most iconic packaging of the past, yet feels current and unique with its bolder logo and distinctive blue colorway. It’s a design that truly stands out from what’s become a sea of sameness in the light beer category.”

They're going to change the way the beer acts? Come on…  But ‘Grab a six of blues for me on your way home sweetie?’ – I kind of like the sound of that!

According to the article, 20,000 Bud Lights are sold every minute. What? That’s crazy!

Will you be going to crazy for the blue?

[Source: AskMen.com]