We've all heard about firefighters rescuing cats from trees, but have you ever heard of them rescuing bunnies blown onto rooftops during a storm? Didn't think so.

Firefighters in Northern Ireland did just that on Friday when Storm Gertrude's winds blew a bunny's hutch into the air, dumping the bunny onto the roof of a house.

"The wind caught the hutch and sent it flying into the air and it has catapulted the rabbit [named Bumper] out of the hutch and onto the roof," Omagh Fire Station district commander David Doherty told BT.com.

Bumper - renamed Gertrude - was out of the hutch before it crashed against the side of the house. But the bunny was still on the rooftop and needed to be rescued.

Firefighters arrived at the scene with multiple ladders and a reach pole. The rescue took no longer than 40 minutes.

Omagh Fire Station tweeted these photos of Bumper/Gertrude on the roof: