You know the catchy west coast anthem that Katy Perry serenaded us with while shooting whipped cream from her boobs. But in Northern Colorado, we'll leave you breathless (though, that could just be the altitude...).

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The Beach Boys may have forgotten a line specifically boasting about the lovely Loveland ladies, Greeley gals and the fine women of Fort Collins, but we can bet they were considering adding one after that set at Hughes Stadium.

But, I mean, don't take it from me! Here's some proof from the web, where everything you read is true:

If you want a girl who’s beautiful without all the extra fluff, go to Colorado. Colorado ladies might not be as tan, but at least they look natural... Her gorgeous personality and flannel shirt is just enough to make any man fall in love.

Yes. Yes we do all wear flannel - year round, too!

Want nine more reasons? OK. We found some. Now, before you get all bent out of shape because you're not from Colorado, this is just a fun little Thought Catalog blurb from Allyson Callahan about why us mile high ladies are as amazing as a Rocky Mountain sunset. Don't take it too seriously. Check it out here.

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