There aren’t many details on what happened at around 10 p.m. on Saturday night (November 28, 2015), but it sounds like quick action by witnesses saved the driver’s life.

A scary situation where, for whatever reason, a Subaru had driven off of Eisenhower and into Lake Loveland. The lake is considerably low recently; so for the car to go off the road, down the rocks, and across the shoreline into the water, it must have been traveling pretty fast, in my opinion.

The car appears to have been traveling westbound before leaving the road and going into the water. From reports, two Samaritans quickly rushed down and rescued the driver from the car. Meanwhile several dive teams responded, along with other first responders, to search for additional victims who they thought were also in the car; as first reports stated the woman driver said that her boyfriend was also in the car.

From The Reporter-Herald:

"That occupant was saying her boyfriend was in the car," [Loveland Fire Rescue Authority Battalion Chief] Cerovski said. "We treated it as a rescue out of the gate. After an hour and several back and forths with interviewing the woman, we finally learned she was not accurate. There was not another person in the vehicle."

The woman driver and the two civilians, who dove into the frigid water to help, were transported to a local hospital

Lennard Scoville!

[Source:  Reporter-Herald]