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Police Officer Shot, Killed in Colorado Springs
Since December 31st, this will be the third police officer that has been shot and killed in the line of duty in Colorado in the last 37 days. According to the CBS Denver, a deputy in Colorado Springs has been shot and killed in the line of duty and three other officers have been injured in …
Could Your King Soopers Fuel Points Be Going Away Soon?
One of the biggest perks of shopping at King Soopers in Colorado is the fuel points. I save an average of anywhere between 3-30 cents per gallon month to month. Over time those savings on gas can really add up!
But, could those fuel points be going away...
Police Standoff Currently Happening in Thornton
According to KDVR's Facebook page, there is currently a police standoff happening in Thornton. Details as of yet to why are not given. However, Police have blocked of a large portion of the road at around 78th and Downing in Adams County.
We will keep you updated as more information becomes avai…

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