"I suggest a new strategy," said C3PO, "let the wookie win."

Those immortal words from a golden robot are being echoed on digital street signs in Colorado.

As you can see in the video, one of the signs on I-25 has a Star Wars themed message, suggesting that people avoid road rage. Like a fight with a wookie, with road rage, there is no way to win.

Other favorites they should have considered. After the Millenium Falcon was pulled into the Death Star, Han Solo was ready to take on the army of stormtroopers and Obiwan said, "You can't win. But there are alternatives to fighting," and they hid in the hatches Han used to smuggle goods across star system lines.

That one, though, non-nerds might not get.

I appreciate the fact that CDOT is having fun with the opening of Star Wars!