A Colorado busboy, who saved one families Christmas, is getting some instant karma for doing the right thing. According to CBS News, a Grand Junction busboy at Randy's Southside Diner, found an envelope with $3,000 in cash that was meant for a families Christmas. Johnny Duckworth, known as Thumper to his friends, found the envelope when he was doing his daily duties. When he found the money, he immediately turned it into his boss, much to his surprise. This came as a surprise, because apparently Johnny has fallen onto some hard times. When the man who left the money came back looking for it, he was so impressed whit Mr. Duckworths honesty, he gave him a $300 tip. When asked why he didn't keep the money, he stated that, "It never crossed his mind, that he has a job and works for a living."

So impressed with his story, several people have started a Go Fund Me account to reward a man, who could have easily made another choice, especially having fallen on difficult times. So far, the Go Fund Me campaign has raised over $18,000! Currently Thumper is without a car, and is staying at friends and families homes due to not being able to afford a place to live.

It's nice to see Go Fund Me pages getting support for things like this, rather than a potato salad Kickstarter that raised over $55,000.