You have probably played a game or two of Monopoly in your lifetime, right? Well here is the chance for Colorado to pass "Go" and land on the board. All you have to do is vote.

As KDVR reported, there is a contest going on that could land one of two Colorado towns on the very game board that we have all played on for years.

Two Colorado cities are in the running to be featured in the next Monopoly game.

There are 58 cities right now in the running to be featured on the new Monopoly board coming out.

Denver and Vail are among those cities, with the highest-ranking city landing on the "Boardwalk" spot.

So will all 58 cities be on the board? No.

Only the top 20 cities will make the cut to be featured as property space on the new game board.

Now stop and think about this for a second, more than likely you have played a game of Monopoly sometime in your life. And more than likely you will play one with your kids in the future. I am thinking that would be a pretty cool story to tell your kids about or for them to their kids about.

You need to hurry and vote though because the contest will end this Wednesday (March 4, 2015) with the final list being announced on March 19th.

Share this with you family and friends and help get Colorado on the Monopoly board!

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