Yahoo Travel just ranked the top states in America when it comes to the beer that they produce, and surprisingly Colorado doesn't top the list.

We aren't even number two!! BLASPHEMY!!

In their recent "analysis" of which states have the best beer, Colorado ranks #3 in the country. This puts us behind Oregon and California when it comes to who is best in the beer brewing business.

According to Yahoo, Oregon's long been in the forefront of the craft brew industry with breweries such as Widmer Brothers, Full Sail, and Rogue among the top ones. One of the ways Yahoo puts Oregon as number one is that, they say, if you enter a city or town in Oregon without a solid brewery, you’ve probably crossed into Washington or Idaho.

While Colorado pulls up the number three spot in the rankings, Yahoo has nothing but good things to say about the craft brewery boom that the state has seen. They point out Oskar Blues and New Belgium as leaders throughout the state. Yahoo also highly recommends the "GUBNA" as your next brew to go for the plunge!

Which states fall to the bottom of the rankings?

Mississippi, West Virginia, and Rhode Island finish the bottom of the pack.

Sorry Mississippi...but you do own the lead for blues music right?