The decision was made to euthanize a mountain lion in Steamboat Springs, after the police and Colorado Parks and Wildlife determined it was a danger to humans.

On December 26, wildlife officers in Routt County responded to a call in which eye-witnesses had seen a mountain lion attack and kill a family's dog. Upon arriving to the scene, officers confirmed the death of the pet was a result of the attack, and located the mountain lion hiding under a raised portion of the family's home. Anticipating that the wild cat would leave the area on its own, wildlife officers left it alone overnight, but after returning eight hours later, it remained lodged in the same spot under the family's home. Because of the mountain lion's unwillingness to relocate on its own and the odd behavior it was displaying, wildlife officials believed that the safety of humans, and especially small children, could be of risk. To avoid any further danger, the mountain lion was removed and euthanized.

The area is now being monitored for additional lion sightings and the public is reminded to call Colorado Parks and Wildlife or Colorado State Patrol if they should encounter an aggressive wild animal. For more information about mountain lions in Colorado, visit