You'll be hearing about another hot political issue besides who becomes the most powerful person in the world in 2016.

Colorado liquor, beer and wine sales may be shifting from liquor stores to grocery stores.

As it is, beer can be purchased from many grocery and convenience stores. However, it is a weaker formulation of the brew.

This formulation has been known as "three-two" beer. With new legislation, that beer could either be a thing of the past, or will be sold next to regular formulations of liquors, beers and wines.

Small liquor store owners fear this will put them out of business, and even bigger stores could fear that as well. For those stores that don't carry specialty items, or can't beat other outlets with lower prices, what reason will there be to make a second trip to liquor store if the same thing is sold right in the grocery store.

Also, smaller craft brew brands, the kind that are popping up by the hundreds in Colorado, realize that they will be fighting for shelf space with the biggest breweries in the world. Plus, the craft brew shopper that is looking for a new experience might not be exposed to customers if those customers stop going to places that stock smaller brands.

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