Never drink alone again! A new website called is a godsend for budding alcoholics — and casual drinkers too, we suppose — looking for the perfect cocktail to accompany their latest musical preferences. The concept is simple: Enter the name of the band or artist you are currently listening to, and Drinkify comes up with the boozy elixir to best compliment your soundtrack.

For example, we are currently listening to ‘Moonlight Drive,’ so we typed in “The Doors.” The suggestion? A drink simply called “The Doors,” which includes nothing more than 1 oz. LSD (!) served on the rocks, stirred quickly and garnished with a twist of grapefruit.

OK, so that’s not exactly an alcoholic beverage. We tried again with “Led Zeppelin,” what did we get? “The Led Zeppelin,” which is 8 oz. Canadian Club Whiskey and 8 oz. coffee combined in a high ball glass. Ouch!

Listening to ‘Tangled Up in Blue?’ Get mixed up with “the Bob Dylan” (notice a trend in drink titles yet?): combine 8 oz. Sipsmith Gin and 8 oz. cough syrup in a highball glass and serve. Hey, is that some sort of joke about his hoarse voice? Nice!

Last one. Tell me, what should I have to drink while listening to the Rolling Stones? We obviously assumed whiskey, but “The Rolling Stones” features 10 oz. of rum served on the rocks, garnished with cocktail onions. Yuck!

Go ahead, pick your favorite bands and see what drinks comes up with. An added bonus is the built-in soundtrack, which actually spins tunes by the bands you select. Think of it as a jukebox powered by your own drinking prowess — the more you drink, the more it plays.