In August, Elite Airways started flights in an out of Loveland to Rockford Illinois. These are soon to end, with a new rout to be announced. According to the Reporter Herald, after a great start, Elite Airways is scheduled to suspend their round-trip flights between Loveland and Rockford in January. It has not been decided at this time, but the most likely destination once flights resume, is a location in the Phoenix Arizona area. At a later date, Elite is hoping to ad other destination to their Phoenix route, to destinations like Vegas and other locations in California. These destinations are not just random destinations picked out on a map. They are based on studies on people living within 30 miles of the airpot, and their travel habits. It has shown that the top destinations of Northern Colorado residents are Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Minneapolis and Dallas. As  most airlines, Elite is planning on testing several routes before they decide on the best and most permanent routs.