Greeley Police are investigating a late Tuesday shooting near 26th Avenue and 13th Street for which one female suspect has been arrested.

One witness told 9NEWS he heard possibly "30 to 40 rounds go off."

"I believe there were shots fired in and out of the [ground flood] apartment," said witness Geoffrey Vaughn. "The gentleman upstairs actually had [a] bullet go into his apartment, and it scared them pretty bad. The apartment above us got their fish tank blown out, and it's now leaking into all three apartments."

Police say they found gunfire evidence upon arrival, including 2 weapons that had been used during the shooting.

Witnesses claim they saw a woman involved - later identified as Kelly Renee Barnes, 45. Police tracked her down at a store in the 2800 block of 10th Street with her 2 children. She was arrested and her children were released to a family member. 

Barnes was booked at the Weld County Jail and faces charges of criminal attempt to commit murder extreme indifference, unlawful possession of a schedule II substance, second degree assault on a police officer, child abuse, and prohibited use of weapons.

Investigators believe the woman may have been hallucinating at the time of the shooting, prompting her to randomly fire the weapons and flee the apartment with her children.