I shot this video with my friends Jonathan and Alicia because I thought it was such a great idea.

They met playing softball. They both love America's favorite past time. Jonathan set up a killer engagement, as you can see in the video.

Then, the invitations arrived, and I really loved them. It's such a break from the norm, and also demonstrates their difference from one another. She's a Cardinals fan. He's for the Rockies.

They'll be using the colors for the theme, plus, they have baseball as part of the couple that tops the cake and a few other touches here and there.

I really like this, because it isn't easy to stand out in the wedding world. Sometimes a theme is more for one than the other, or in order to leave no one out, doesn't represent much about the couple. That is fine, because just decorating and being in love is more than enough, but this is cool, too.

Has any aspect of any wedding you've been to in the past few years stood out? Share them with us!