A Gallup poll released today says 94.9% of Fort Collins residents are satisfied with their town, according to TIME...

...and I couldn't agree more!

I first came to Fort Collins in 2002, as a junior in high school, to visit CSU.  I was immediately hooked.  Something about the community really spoke to me; and before the end of the day, I was 80% sure I was going to make CSU my top college priority.

I thought maybe what I was feeling was just anticipation about finally leaving home, finally being on my own.  So I toured one or two more college campuses, half-expecting to get the same feeling all over again.  I didn't.

One more trip to Colorado State sealed the deal.  I moved to Fort Collins for college in 2004; and ten years later, I'm married, I have my dream job, and I have no desire to move away.

Fort Collins has been a consistent high performer in the index since Gallup started asking the question in 2008.

[via TIME.com.]

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