Some of these will make you laugh, and some will make you scratch your head. Either way, a look at the best from each state from peanuts to presidents.You have seen what each state is the worst at, so why not look at the other side?

Let's take a look at what each state is the best at, as Thrillist showed us.

You can see the full map by clicking on the picture of the map below.

Jennifer Bui, Thrillist

So here is the list of a few of the states that I thought were interesting:

Alabama - Most concealed carry permits

Colorado - Least obese

Georgia - Top peanut producer

Hawaii - Least likely to collide with a deer

Michigan - Most lighthouses

Montana - Longest cat lifespans

Nebraska - Most homes with indoor plumbing

North Dakota - Um, you will have to find this one out yourself!

So as you can see there is some interesting things that states across the country are the best at.

I laughed at some and the rest I am thinking WTF?

You can see the full list here.