That Super Bowl halftime show had personalities.

Multiple personalities. When strung together, they reminded me of a person with such a psychological profile. Exciting because you don't know what you'll get. Scary for the same reason.

Not only did this half time show bring a lot of different sides to it, each one had it's own fantastical, almost psychedelic twist.

Opening, she sang Roar. What else could she ride in on, besides a 20 foot mechanized, glowing lion (above)? Louder than a lion, Katy.

Then, for Dark Horse, it was on to the trippy chess board. Great effects that would have made M.C. Escher proud and the set fit the eerie song perfectly.

Christian Petersen

After a quick trip down memory lane with a still quite attractive Lenny Kravitz for a duo on I Kissed a Girl, it was on to toyland for Teenage Dream. Since that song is ostensibly about an older man enjoying the young fruits of a teenage girl, I thought it was a perfectly perverted juxtaposition to have her performing it in a dress that by color could go in a baby room, and by amount of fabric used, would barely cover a baby, along with hot dancers in polka dot diapers. Like the babysitter that is a little bit too tempting, Katy, segued seamlessly to California Gurls on the same set.

Then, bam, straight up in the club with Missy Elliot in an oversized jersey that was the goofiest outfit of the night. That was a rough transition. Baby show! Then thuggity doo da, low lights in the club. It was good to hear some old Missy Elliot, though.

The finale of Firework brought America what it wanted. A sweetheart that is sexy, but not as sexy as Beyonce circa 2013. That was, for some, a little too sexy.

Did it live up to last year's performance by Bruno Mars? Not for me, but that's just a personal preference. I'm sure there are a lot of people who thought Katy's was better.