A 12-year-old girl who killed her stepmother said an online fictional clown told her to do it, according to reports.

Stepmom Maria Torres was fatally stabbed by the unidentified girl before the family's apartment was set on fire - an act the girl said "Laughing Jack" told her to commit. The girl has been declared incompetent to stand trial in the July killing.

Months before the attack, the girl "heard voices and had an 'alter ego'" and "begged her father for help," according to court documents. Doctors diagnosed her as suffering from post-traumatic stress and dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder). Since killing her stepmother, she has been living in a juvenile detention center, seeing a counselor, and taking medication, though she continues to beg staff for help. She will not stand trial unless deemed fit to understand the charges against her.

Downtown Elkhart, Indiana. Photo credit: Google Street View

After being refused treatment by 16 psychiatric facilities, the girl's family's main concern is getting her transferred to a state mental hospital, according to her lawyer Holly Curtis, an Elkhart public defender.

"This little girl has been failed by everyone," Curtis tells WSBT-TV. "The risk level for her is beyond anything I think anybody can imagine. For her not to be able to get the help she's crying out for is probably one of the biggest travesties I've seen so far with the system and with a state agency not willing to step up and do their job."

According to Urban Dictionary, Laughing Jack is a fictional character created by CreepyPasta who befriends children as their imaginary friend before slicing them open and replacing their organs with candy.

Watch CreepyPasta's video of Laughing Jack below (if you dare).