Every year, people look forward to buying some of their favorite treats from their neighborhood Girl Scouts. Unfortunately, the Federal Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall on one of their snacks. Ashdon Farms, of Waukesha Wisconsin, that sells Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix, under the Girl Scouts of the USA brand, is being recalled by the FDA. The recall is for purchases of the product on or before November 15, 2015, due to undeclared milk. With the recall, they are attempting to prevent anyone with a milk allergy from consuming the Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix.

The Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix was distributed nationwide. The Girl Scouts branded product was delivered in a 7 oz bag, that was being sold through local councils, and online. The Ashdon Farm branded products, that were sold for other fundraisers, came in an 8 oz bag. The error in the label has been fixed, and if you purchased the product after November 16, the milk allergen is correctly stated.