Tomorrow is a big day for Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming radio. Why you ask? Good friends to Rock 102.9, and many folks in the area, Brian Gary and Todd Harding, are holding their annual 28 Hours of Hope. This is the 13th year these great people have put on this great event for a great cause, the fight against child abuse. Many people put on charity events, and we all thank them for that, but there seems to be something different about this one. These guys really care, they really are fighting for this cause, they put their hearts and souls into this event!

From the Windsor Beacon;

The 28 Hours of Hope began 13 years ago in April, which is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The station raised over $100,000 in 2008 and $50,000 in 2010. This year, they hoped to match the $50,000 while reaching broader demographic.

All donations will go to three local child abuse prevention centers in the Northern Colorado area: A Kid’s Place in Greeley, Larimer County Child Advocacy Center in Fort Collins and Namaqua Center in Loveland.

“We’ve helped these same three charities year after year,” Harding said. “They’re counting on us and we don’t want to let them down.”

Celebrity callers will include Charlie Daniels, Clint Black, Gretchen Wilson and Jewel among many others. Celebrities and Windsor residents called in to show their support and tell their personal stories.

“Child abuse can affect anyone. It’s your neighbor, friend, brother, town official, celebrity. It could be anyone and you would never know it. We’re giving people the chance to tell their stories and reach out to one another,” Gary said.

Connections and community involvement is the most important aspect of 28 Hours of Hope, said the Morning Guys.

“Even though we didn’t raise as much money last year compared to previous years, I think it was by far our most effective year. We had more donors than ever before. There was more giving,” Gary said.

Harding agreed.

“The community was so connected. We got more people involved and had more guest callers than in before,” Harding said.

Gary and Harding say even small donations go a long way.

“You know, people might think their five dollars won’t make a difference, but that money can provide food for a child. They can really make that money stretch,” Gary said.

Even if you don't listen to country music, or maybe never heard of these great guys, please give a donation some consideration. Donations can be made online at and pledges will also be taken over the phone at 1-800-500-2599. Checks and cash can also be dropped off at the studio (600 Main Street in Windsor) during the 28 hours.