When you think of business and ways to make money, there is no higher authority than Forbes. According to the popular, well respected business magazine Northern Colorado is a great place to set up shop and do business. 

Forbes explains that the road to economic recovery after the most recent rescission has been an uneven one. Some cities have done a better job overcoming than others. Colorado happens to be home to many of the cities that have done the best job. The magazine released their list of the "Best And Worst Places For Business 2014" this week, and Colorado was well represented on the list.

Denver ranks No. 4, Fort Collins comes in at No. 5, Greeley places at No. 20, while Boulder comes in at No. 23 and Colorado Springs at No. 29.

Forbes said of Fort Collins:

Many high-tech companies including Hewlett-PackardIntel and AMD have relocated operations to Fort Collins in part to take advantage of the resources of Colorado State University and its research facilities," Badenhausen says. "Fort Collins has the highest level of high school attainment (95% of the adult population) and ranks ninth best for college attainment at 45%.

By the way, the only cities ranked ahead of Denver and Fort Collins this year are:

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina
  2. Des Moines, Iowa
  3. Provo, Utah