As first reported by K99/KUAD-FM on Wednesday, December 2, Hair Dynamics Education Center held a student meeting in which students were told the Department of Education cut off financial aid after owner Dale Matuska allegedly failed to notify the department within 10 days of wife and co-owner Tina Matuska's death. Despite all of this, Matuska says he has absolutely no intentions of closing the school.

"The big thing is, a lot of people seem to think we closed. The state of Colorado was assuming we were going to close," Matuska told K99/KUAD-FM on Friday. "This facility has been my wife and I's legacy for the last 31 years. We have no intentions of closing the school. We're going to continue to operate it. We're continuing to fight. ...[Hair Dynamics Education Center] absolutely will not close."

For the last 6 weeks, Dale Matuska has been funding Hair Dynamics through his retirement account after the Department of Education quit providing the school with financial aid.

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"What they don't understand is that my wife and I spent 31 years putting this school up, and we're very sound. And it's because of our financial stability that I'm able to keep the school going for quite a while."

What's in store for the future of Hair Dynamics Education Center is that of giving back to the community. Matuska says he is running numbers and looking into reclassifying the school as a non-profit to give back to the Northern Colorado community.

"My wife and I built this school from scratch. We are so passionate about this, that my wife and I lived the first 8 years of our marriage with my mom and dad in the back of a small house so that we could save enough money to start this school," Matuska told K99/KUAD-FM, holding back tears. "That was our dream to do it, because we felt education was in need, and that was our goal. And that's something that we always wanted and that's what I'd like to give back to the community if I can."

Matuska says there are various ways to help Hair Dynamics Education Center continue to run, including but not limited to purchasing discounted products and services, which go toward operational costs and help students learn and work toward finishing their education. Letters to senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet as well as Colorado Congressman Jared Polis asking for their help and leadership is also recommended and encouraged.

List of services at Hair Dynamics Education Center

Visit or call the school at 970-223-9943 for a complete list of services and prices.

Hair services - Haircut, shampoo & style, conditioning, permanents, chemical relaxing, hair color, highlights, bleach, corrective color

Skin care services - Facials, treatments, waxing

Nail services - Manicure, pedicure, polish, artificial nails

Call and Write Letters to Our Politicians

Senator Cory Gardner - 970-484-3502; 2001 S. Shields St., Fort Collins 80526

Senator Michael Bennet - 970-224-2200; 1200 S. College Ave. Suite 211, Fort Collins 80524

Congressman Jared Polis - 970-226-1239; 1220 S. College Ave., Fort Collins 80525