Not sure what to give as a gift this year? You can never go wrong with gift cards - especially these ones, which are 2015's most popular gift cards.

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    Find Visa gift cards just about anywhere, including eBay.

    Photo credit: kinny005 via eBay
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    Amazon gift cards in a greeting card can be ordered directly from Amazon, and come in designs for various occasions, including Christmas, baby showers, get well soon, thank you, and more.

    Photo credit: Amazon via Amazon
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    American Express

    Pick up an American Express gift card almost anywhere, including eBay.

    Photo credit: goatinspace via eBay
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    Everyone loves free music, so iTunes gift cards are ALWAYS a fantastic gift idea - especially when you can get them at a discount for yourself!

    Photo credit: PayPal Digital Gifts via eBay
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    Walmart gift cards are great because they can be used on groceries and other everyday items. Sometimes all people want for Christmas is something to help out with everyday errands.

    Photo credit: newenglandmike via eBay
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    Target gift cards will help relieve your gift recipient's wallet on those weekly Target runs. Yay!

    Photo credit: Giftcardmall via eBay
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    Give the gift of Starbucks' controversial red cups this holiday season (in gift card form).

    Photo credit: Starbucks via Amazon
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    Nothing says "I dig you" like an invitation to Netflix & chill.

    Photo credit: Netflix via Amazon
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    eBay gift cards are perfect for the thrifty homebody.

    Photo credit: PayPal Digital Gifts via eBay
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    Google Play

    Just like iTunes gift cards, Google Play gift cards are perfect for anyone that loves free music and games (a.k.a. EVERYONE).

    Photo credit: Direct from Best Buy via eBay