The Office of Homeland Security and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) are looking for phony NFL jerseys.

That's right. Customs officials and the organization that is designed to keep us safe from terrorism in the United States are going to be on the prowl in Santa Clara looking for fake NFL jerseys, and it's not because of copyright issues.

According to, both of these major governmental organizations want to stop the sale of fake jerseys for one reason: They believe the people selling them are connected with domestic and international criminal organizations that bring other harmful things into the United States, like guns and drugs.

The customs official interviewed in the video didn't get any more specific than, "...guns, drugs, violence, you name it. So your $20...goes to fund black market activities."

Last year ICE seized more than $20 million of fake NFL gear.

Tips for making sure that you aren't supporting such activity? Well, not buying gear on the street is a good start. Also, check the stitching and construction for major flaws. Finally, check the hologram on the tag. If it isn't there, clear and looking like it cost a lot of money, move on.