A beautiful Nashville mansion became engulfed in flames and was completely destroyed by a Fiturbo F1 hoverboard.

The 4,000 square foot home, worth $1 million, was a total loss by the fire, according to Nashville fire Department Public Information Officer Brian Haas, who added that it is unclear whether the family will rebuild the home.

Two teenagers had to escape the second floor of the home - a 16-year-old girl jumping into her father's arms, her 14-year-old brother climbing down a ladder with the help of their father.

"We are fortunate that there were only minor injuries in what was an extremely dangerous fire," said Nashville Fire Chief Rick White. "We hope Nashvillians use extreme caution before purchasing or using these hoverboards."

Through investigation of another Fiturbo F1 hoverboard malfunction, the fire department discovered the board, bought from the same batch by friends of the family, sparked a fire in the battery compartment while it was charging. Only the hoverboard was destroyed in that fire.

Fiturbo F1 hoverboards are no longer available for sale on Amazon, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently investigating dozens of hoverboard-caused fires all over the United States.