Because believe it or not, some of us like it better that way. Before all you football fans start sending me hate mail (600 Main Street, Windsor) and calling me 'un-American,' you can also use this trick to block your friends' endless baby pics and Donald Trump posts. So, you're welcome.

Kirill Vorobyev/ ThinkStock, Kevin Winter / Frazer Harrison/Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Unfortunately, the Denver Broncos are still in the playoffs or something, so I'm going to have to keep hearing about them. However, instead of just un-friending the masses from my Facebook page, I've just been enjoying GIFS of Ryan Gosling and cute little kittens every time someone posts about football -- yay!

This is free, but obviously you have to be using Google Chrome.

1) Go to to and choose 'add to Chrome'

2) Once you've installed Rather, a little 'r' will show up on your browser's toolbar. Click on that to get going.

3) Start making that 'kill list.' Mine is all football, but you can also add 'politics,' 'Donald Trump' or 'Kardashians.' Make sure it is set to 'replace' so you can add some content you want to see on your Facebook feed.

4) Start adding your favorite things! I chose #Corgis #Kittens and #RyanGosling, so every time someone asks me about the game last night, all I can say is 'Hey girl...if you're a bird, I'm a bird...'