I'm a forgiving guy.

Even when I'm watching sports, and I see someone boot a play, I usually give them the benefit of the doubt because I have no idea the pressures they face.

In some situations, though, I rescind my forgiveness. This is definitely the case with the amount of passes the Denver Broncos receivers, running backs and tight ends have dropped this season.

Les Shapiro makes the perfect point at 3:05 in the above video: If the Broncos receivers don't drop so many passes earlier in the season, people would have questioned Peyton Manning so much less. Peyton didn't make every single perfect throw, but he made a lot of great throws that hit the receivers hands that were dropped.

Catch the ball. Catch the freakin' ball! You've got a first ballot hall of famer in Peyton Manning who is cutting years off of his life, his ability to walk and physically function in older age, out there, giving it his all, struggling mightily to continue to play at the elite level, and you are going to drop a pass that hits your hands?

Catchers of passes that wear blue and orange, do us all a favor. Do your town a favor. Do your RAPIDLY AGING HALL OF FAME QUARTERBACK a favor! Catch the freakin' ball!

If it hits your hands, face, numbers or gut, bring it home. Hold it tight, like it's your baby. Don't worry about the YAC (yards after catch). Don't worry about making the few extra yards for the first down. Just catch the ball. Cradle the ball. Hold it tighter. Then you can think about running.