Fort Collins, Brighton and Aspen are competing to win the Georgetown University Energy Prize.

From now on, when you hear about it in Fort Collins, it will be referred to as Lose-A-Watt. Whatever it is called, the idea is to save energy.

Using best practices, teamwork, and innovative ideas from community leaders and citizens alike, Fort Collins hopes to reduce energy usage enough to claim the $5 million prize that can be used on more energy efficiency programs in the community.

“The Lose-A-Watt campaign is a great opportunity to engage our community and help the City reduce energy consumption,” said Katy Bigner, project manager. “The goal is to double our community energy savings to make a difference.”

The City of Fort Collins is a leader in sustainability and has numerous energy-saving programs that have helped the community conserve energy. For more information and to stay updated on the competition, go to