Loveland Fire Rescue Authority Chief Mark Miller personally presented three local heroes with much deserved, lifesaving awards on Tuesday night prior to the Loveland City Council meeting. These awards were given to three men who each helped to save the life of another during two separate 2015 incidents. 

A scary scenario took place in November 2015, when a 22-year old woman drove her car off of the road and into the frigid waters of Lake Loveland. After seeing what had happened, two 18-year old men immediately plunged into the lake and broke the woman's car window in order to rescue her from the sinking vehicle. The brave men were able to get her back to the shore, and even went back to the car a second time to make sure that no one else was still inside. Chief Miller recognized  and thanked both Robert Morgan and Connor Quick for their heroic efforts that they took to save the driver's life on that frightening November night – without them, the incident would have most likely ended very differently. Many emergency personnel and EMS crew members were in the audience as the lifesaving awards were presented, including the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority's Rescue 2 crew, who responded to the lake accident.

A courageous Northern Colorado resident, Art Aldrich was the third recipient of the lifesaving award, being honored for the role he played in rescuing a choking toddler this past December. Little Logan Jackson was decorating a gingerbread house when he began to choke on a peppermint candy. Upon seeing the child crying, starting to turn blue, and not being able to dislodge the candy from his throat, Aldrich acted quickly and successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver. His two young daughters and wife were proudly standing by his side as he accepted his award before the City Council meeting.

A huge thanks goes out to all three of these local heroes who's valiant efforts and quick thinking - done without hesitation, helped to save the lives of others in the Northern Colorado community.