The Bisons. I like it. Tough and respected. The Bisons will be the mascot of the new school in Loveland, High Plains School.  You could be a part of Loveland’s history by designing the logo!

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High Plains School a K-8 STEAM school designed to serve 550 students in Eastern Loveland will be opening soon in east Loveland. With that, they’ll have a mascot. Turns out, there were over 50 suggestions on what the mascot should be. 50! I wonder what crazy names people submitted. I would go with ‘The Fightin’ McWhinneys’, but that probably wouldn’t have made it either. Thompson School District went with ‘Bison.’ Hard to argue. Plains, tough, respected, large. I do like it.

Now, they are looking for someone to design the Bison.

From the Reporter-Herald:

So far, no one has entered any designs, but [Daniel Feeney, Principal of the new school] hopes that will change in the next month.

"I was really hoping there's an artist out there, whether it's a child or an adult, that could get really excited about something that could put their stamp on their community," Feeney said.

The rendering must be original, but other than that, artists can flex their creativity with interpretations of a mighty animal, Feeney noted.

The submission window has been open since November 14th and closes January 8, 2016.

The colors for the school will be blue, silver and black.  Do you have what it takes to make the High Plains Bison, and make Loveland history? Take a look at the entry process- it's not that tough! You can do it!