Are you kidding? I was just talking about this place the other day with friends!  The old 4B’s location in Loveland is finally going to be torn down and made into a new restaurant!

You may not like what’s going in, but you can’t deny that something had to be done!

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4B’s came into Loveland in 1986, when they opened up a location off of Garfield (Hwy 287) by Orchards. It was really kind of popular for a few years. I was working at the Sirloin Stockade across town at the time, and we had several employees go over to the new place.  The place was very unique- with that bright green ‘hood’ up top, and being located in a kind of weird place.  I remember, we always used to joke about what the four B’s could be: “Burgers, Boogers, Botulism, and Beer”- you know, stupid jokes like that... we were kids..

Things didn’t last for the restaurant, though, and 4B’s eventually closed down. An Asian restaurant, Hot Star, was there for a while; I never went. I never went to 4B’s either, though! Hot Star closed around 1999, and the building has been empty and an eyesore over 15 years.

I was recently talking about that building with friends, as we were talking about Wheeler’s- which was located to the west of the 4B’s building.. but I digress.  I was saying that there were rumors a few years back, that they might put a Long John Silvers at the old 4B’s location; but in any case, whoever might move in, they would have to just rebuild that old beast of a building.

Low and behold- Something new IS coming!  A KFC.  OK, agreed, it’s not like everybody’s jumping up and down about a KFC... but they’re working on some new designs across the country, and this location is a great spot for what they have in mind. So, it might be cool! They will indeed be ‘scraping’ that old 4B’s down to the foundation and starting anew.

In my opinion, that whole area, on the west side of Hwy 287 between 29th and 37th needs work. This KFC could be, what the city likes to say, a ‘catalyst’ for that stretch of town.  Plus, there are a lot of folks who were bummed when that longtime KFC, off of Lincoln and Eisenhower, shut down a few years back. I foresee this KFC doing really well.

Even with Norm McDonald in the ads.