Perfect for the person in your life who thinks, 'Gee, a rusty marquee sign would really complement this room.'

Or, lets say, you're super nostalgic for the days of hitting the Loveland roller rink in your orange and brown kicks, like our own Dave Jensen. Skate Castle closed its doors to skaters in 2006, but in the last year, the building near Eisenhower and Highway 287 has become home to Big Thompson Brewing.

Apparently, according to our local Craigslist, the old billboard marquee sign is still up, and someone needs it taken off of their hands -- quickly. They're even willing to give it away for free, the catch being you have to come and get it. The sign no longer sports the logo, but it did originally illuminate the outside of the Skate Castle.

The post reads:

I drove by this morning and the sign is still there?
I have had numerous callas emails and interest???
It is first come first serve, bring a trailer, bring some muscle, and come and get it!!
Once you have it contact me and I can arrange to get you the boxes of letters that with it.
I'm no longer at the location and it could be removed and off to the landfill at any time

Free letter box sign

The old skate castle / Infinite MMA box sign located at 287 and Hwy 34 is up for grabs

You must remove and take it

It does come apart easily had two 4x4 metal poles and the big cabinet on there top. I also have several boxes filled with letters for the sign and the lights did work for us but wil need new bulbs.

It was the old skate castle sign that had a crown on it but we modified it 8 years ago to look like it does now.

It could be mounted to wheel system to allow you to roll it out for business etc

For details contact me ASAP or it's going to the landfill.

If you want this thing, the time is now.