A man in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, attempted to break a world record by having 4,745 needles stuck into his body.

Now it's just a matter of waiting 3 months on pins and needles to see if the record for "Most Surgical Needle Piercings In One Session" sticks.

Matthew Menczyk, 27, made the record attempt on December 22 with help from body modification expert Russ Foxx, 32. The duo already holds a record, too. Last year, Foxx spent 8 hours and 12 minutes piercing Menczyk with 4,550 needles. This time, it took him 9 hours and 13 minutes to prick the man with 4,745 needles.

"Last year when we made it to 4,550 he was coming close to shock, so that's why we stopped," Foxx told the Canadian Broadcast Company prior to the event. "This year he's had a lot of time to prepare himself mentally and physically so we should be able to pass that."

According to Newsivity.com, part of Menczyk's preparation involved taking many long, cold showers.

The great thing is, this record attempt wasn't made all in vain - rather, to raise money and awareness for Inn From The Cold, a charity that helps homeless Canadians.

A Guinness representatives says the organization has received an application for the record attempt, but verification could take up to 12 weeks.