Colorado has been the home to a handful of talented musicians, so who do you think represents our state on this map? Also, props to Wyoming. You get all the cool points. 

Theo Wargo/Matt Roberts/Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images

If you guessed India Arie, then you are right. This may just be me, but I didn't know she was from Denver, so she was not my guess.

I also was baffled to see Pearl Jam over the state of Montana, because Pearl Jam and Washington go together like, well, Nirvana and Washington. The bassist of Pearl Jam, Jeff Ament, however, is from a small town in Montana.

Our neighbor to the north (no, not Canada, but that other really cold place just an hour north) however, is home of The Avett Brothers, who we all love to go see at Red Rocks.

Other honorable mentions from me go to Arizona, with Stevie Nicks...

...and Nevada with the Killers.