[UPDATE: 8-1-13] Mulligan's is re-opening under old ownership!  CLICK HERE to get the whole story.

Fort Collins has lost another one of its staple restaurants.

Mulligan's, the place where I asked one of my good friends to be a groomsman at my wedding, has been seized and shut down by the state.

A sign on the door of Mulligan’s Pub & Restaurant, 2439 S. College Ave., says the restaurant and bar owes the state more than $57,000 in back sales taxes and wage withholdings. Merchants collect sales taxes on behalf of the state, but struggling establishments sometimes use that money to pay their own bills, hoping to eventually catch up when business improves.

[via The Coloradoan.]

I tried to call Mulligan's; but just as the Coloradoan did, all I got was a message saying their voice mailbox is full.

Nothing has been posted on Mulligan's Facebook page, aside from customers pleading with them to pay their taxes.

I hope they can get this place re-opened.  It's sad to see another good restaurant go...