I have waited for so long for a chance to talk about this, be a part of this and experience this. The Broncos are MY TEAM! The only sports I remotely care to follow and on Sunday they clinched the Lombardi trophy. As soon as we won the AFC Championship, I told my boss that I am requesting time off to go to the parade if and when we win the Super Bowl. The game came, we won, so today we went to the Broncos rally held at the city and county building in Denver. At the crack of dawn we took off from Johnstown to head to the festivities, it took us about an hour to get down to where we parked and then proceeded to walk about a mile and a half after taking the light rail. Upon arriving, we got word from a few people that there were already 40,000 fans awaiting what was in store for all of us. Funkiphino, 3Oh!3 and Big Head Todd and the Monsters performed before the players took the stage to the welcoming crowd.

We should have gotten there at about 5 a.m. to score a closer spot, but non the less still a good place in the park! According to John Elway when he was on the stage, this is the largest amount of people he has ever seen at a rally and probably close to 650,000 fans were in attendance. Check out all of the photos I took today at the rally.


Upon leaving, I have never witnessed so many happy people in one place. I have never been one in over half a million in a crowd. It was simply amazing. I love being a Broncos fan and I am so honored to be a part of the Broncos Nation! Here's to next year!

Matt Sparx/TSM