Men have just as many hygiene needs as women do - so to fill that need, the latest version of wet naps for men's nether regions has been created: Nadkins.

Nadkins are a new grooming product for men dubbed as "Male Jewels Refresher Towelettes." Basically, men are supposed to use them on their 'junk' to clean up when things get sweaty, smelly, uncomfortable...and yea.

"Let's face it, when a man is uncomfortable down there, he is generally uncomfortable all over, making for a miserable day," said founder Joe Caccamo on coming up with the idea based on the bad sensations guys experience 'down there' throughout the day.

The concept is nothing new. Other male grooming products already on the market include Mangroomer Biz Wipes, Niche for Men, and Junk Stuff.

However, 'Nadkins' is a cleverly yet simply crafted name for the product. Caccamo says the name comes from a conversation he had with a female friend.

"You know Joe, guys don't always smell so great ... Down there," said his friend, to which he replied, "Yeah ... It's like they need a napkin for their nads ... A Nadkin!"

The man napkins are non-toxic and contain soothing ingredients like aloe vera, colloidal oatmeal, and vitamin E, providing a "cooling and refreshing feeling without any irritation," according to a press release. They also remove dead skin and help protect against added aggravation.

Nadkins run for $12.50 per 10-pack, $30 for 3 10-packs, or $11.50 per 10-pack if you subscribe.