40 days and 40 nights is a really long period of time to go without guilty pleasures like chocolate and booze. In fact, giving these things up could even be a bit detrimental to your soul.

Here are the negative side effects of some of the most popular things given up for Lent, the religious observance of many Christian denominations that begins on Ash Wednesday and covers the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.

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    Sure, alcohol isn't the best for your physical (and sometimes emotional) health. But let's face it, going booze-free for over a month is going to make you the buzz kill of the group. You'll be the only one asking for water, and you'll be stuck being the one to babysit all your drunk friends.

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    Social Media

    Man, are you gonna be out of the loop or WHAT!? No Instagram stalking your Tinder matches, no annoyingly political Facebook posts, no Twitter rants...And how are you going to survive not getting your sexy Snaps from whatsherface for 40 days? Complete torture, man.

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    Sugar (chocolate & soda pop)

    Sugar isn't really the best for your body, so it's completely understandable to give up sweets like soda pop and chocolate. But you're gonna be dealing with some SERIOUS anger management issues.

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    By giving up coffee for Lent, you risk not only hearing imaginary voices, feeling bugs crawling up and down your skin, and breaking out in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, but also becoming an all-around miserable human being to be around.

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    If you're fine with mild constipation, gas, and vitamin/protein deficiencies, then by all means give up meat for Lent.